Phantom Printing

George Hassan

CB Clothing are my preferred supplier in this current challenging and competitive apparel decorating market. CB delivers, offering quality Australian ring spun combed cotton with an unrivalled garment unit cost.

These cost savings and the exceptional construction and printability substrate keeps our high-volume facility producing quality prints and our unit cost down. Maximising these savings enables my business to employ more staff and makes manufacturing more profitable here in Australia. All the garment styles match our client demographic, from Motorsport to the Fitness Industry as well as Streetwear, Event Merchandise and everything in between.

In my 20 years of textile printing I have tested and printed many textiles. I have tested CB using advanced and novice printing equipment in numerous print shops as part of my consulting program as well as my testing and production facility. I have found on all occasions the Cotton; any colour withstands excessive forces such as Quartz and Element flash cures.

The printability with low and high tensioned screens using various mesh counts gives a smooth even finish from 1 colour to 12+ colours simulated process or solid vector imagery. Discharge inks are easy to achieve on colours and the addition of extenders or reducing of inks are not required in excess to achieve a smooth ink deposit and hand feel. CB are growing and with their new facility holding more inventory and additional garment styles being injected monthly, CB are my preferred long term garment supplier.


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Jamie Thomson

Since its inception CB Clothing has come on at a rate of knots. 
Our initial response was guarded like with all new suppliers with apparel. 
However hesitation has been replaced by not only acceptance but referral. 
We know the quality of CB’s apparel rivals that of all high end tee shirt suppliers and at a better price.

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Marisa Daniel

I love to use CB tees as they are 100% Australian Cotton, and offer you exceptional customer service.
These days customer service is rare, and CB Clothing Co. have that!
They consistently get my orders out to me on time.

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Ace Race Australia

Bianca Govic

The team at CB Clothing always do an outstanding job. Their friendly, organised and professional staff are always there to help and their service and delivery times are exceptional.
The products speak for themselves. The high quality of all their garments is one of the many reasons we choose to do business with them.
We would highly recommend CB Clothing to anyone who is not only after a durable and fantastic product, but a great experience in a no nonsense service that pleases the customers 100%.

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Australian Merch Co.

Aleks Milanvic

Australian Merch Co has been using CB Clothing as a first preference supplier for the last 6 months. Our customers have been delighted with the finished product, in both the quality of CB clothing garments and the finished printed result. 
From our point of view, we are able to deliver a very high standard of screen printing with these garments and deliver above customers expectations.
We recommend to all our customers that CB clothing has a fantastic range and competitively priced garments that create an amazing finished result.

Masketta Fall – Band


CB clothing provides our brand with the highest quality basics at amazing prices. As a touring band we depend on high quality apparel for our merchandise, and CB's quality is second to none.

For us, CB clothing provides a premium product & fantastic pricing, allowing our business to print more, sell more, and maximize profits...all without compromising quality.

Natural Art

Toby Carter

As many other printers, we were skeptical that such a well priced tee could compete with the more expensive premium tees on the market. Well CB's have proven to us that they can, and have far exceeded our expectations. We have helped many brands get up and running due to being able to offer retail quality printed garments at very affordable prices. In our experience the garments have stood the test of time, printing on them is a dream, wash tests come up 100%, hence they are one of the most recommended tees in our showroom.

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Pipes ad Dreams Collective

Blake Carey

We looked all over! CB clothing was the only option out there that could meet our needs for sustainable, humane and ethical manufacturing. The team at CB have been there ever step of the way with great service and the highest of quality. Look no further for your clothing needs, the products speak for themselves.